Canvas scaling messed up my screen

I was moving a canvas, it dissappeared, and my screen is glitched since.

I’m uncertain how to make this happen again, in case it might help however, there were multiple canvases around and the canvas had an image loaded in

What I expected to happen, the canvas to just move around so I could place it in a place I’d like.

What happened, I was working on my condo, and I was moving canvases around. they all had images loaded in, but when I moved one, I’m pretty sure I was scaling it up/down, it dissappeared. My screen is glitched since, but only when I’m in the condo it was placed in. I’ve recorded a video to show what I mean by my screen being ‘‘glitched’’.


Thanks in advance for the help : )

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You’ll have to find the canvas using the item finder. Hold Q and in the top right there is an Item Finder button. Click on that and search for the canvas there. I’d recommend looking at the scale of the canvas item. It sounds like the canvas has a negative scale.