Canvas Plates

I was thinking, Pixeltail should add a new type of plate to the game, where you could put any picture on the plate, for decoration.

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It’s pretty cool, but people could replicate the plates given to doners and such. There’d have to be limitations. Unless they’re okay with that.

Canvas plates could be given a special border around them to make it clear that they are canvas plates. I wouldn’t mind having this in the game, they would look nice.


could replicate the legacy donor plates, but a border would make it clear that it’s a replica.

Or, even better, no border at all. The donor plate has a gold border and the GMT plates have blue borders. Just make this canvas plate completely white.


this seems like a decent compromise imo

maybe. but i bet that modelers will get their filthy hands on the workshop once TU has support for it and make exact replicas of backer and legacy donor awards.

or maybe they’ll be forced to smack a big MADE IN CHINA sticker on the back to prove it’s a replica (sorry, China, but I couldn’t pass that opportunity up)

or even yet. people will make PNGs that have an artificial gold/blue border.

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I mean to be fair, there’s always going to be the “Genuine” and “Non Genuine” status for “Bootleg” and “Real” Items.


The clever thing about the Workshop is that all Workshop items will be marked “non genuine”, meaning players will know if you’ve faked a plate. If these exclusive items can’t be remade via the Workshop with the consequence of being limited to Unranked (and condo) servers and marked non genuine, then I can imagine a ton of people being disappointed.


Then just only allow the image on the flat bit of the plate.

@zombieassasin417 @Erickson9610 True, but who would really take the time to check?

(though, tbh, i’ll most likely get replicas of these items, so i feel guilty talking about it :frowning:)
((However, how could you not resist that gorgeous Lobby 1 statue? :smirk:))

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People who care enough, I’d imagine. Workshop replicas are almost guaranteed to happen, nothing to really feel guilty about there. :smiley:

What (i thought) Leftie meant was, use an additional canvas on top of the canvas plate, to add a artificial border to it.

not really, but good point

That wouldn’t work either. The border would have to match the curvature of the plate rim, which is impossible with canvases because all images are flat.

The only way someone could make a convincing bootleg GMT/Donor plate is with the Workshop, and even then they will be labeled as non-genuine. So I really don’t see any problem with this canvas plate idea.

Canvases with transparency can be round. I’m not quite sure what the issue is
oh sorry i see the issue now.