Canvas not working

I have a canvas placed, i uploaded the image to imgur, i copied the link and pasted it, but it just stays on loading the image. is there requirements for the image?

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Are you using the direct link or the imgur gallery link? Canvases only work with direct image links.

Gallery links look like this:
(Note the “/a/” after “”)

Direct links look like this:
(Note the “i.” before the “imgur” and the lack of “/a/”)

To get the direct link from the gallery link, open it in a browser, right click the image, and select “copy image address”, or you can right click on the image, open it in a new tab, and then copy the link from there.

If your link looks like this, you need to wait until the image finishes processing on imgur before trying to copy the direct image link.

If you’re using the direct link and it won’t load, you can try reuploading the image, since I’ve had issues with some links just not wanting to load, or maybe it’s just a really large image that takes a while to download and load.


Thanks man, but i looked at the image and i have to ask why.