Canvas (Equilateral) Triangular Prism

An equilateral triangular prism would be a really useful shape for bulding (especially stuff like roofs). The only canvas triangle item right now is the wedge, which is a bit hard to build with since it’s a right triangle and not equilateral, so scaling it is pretty weird.

A variation like this would be pretty cool specifically for making roofs, also:

Do you want this filled?

if you mean the shape, then yeah, I was imagining a filled triangle shape when suggesting this (the screenshot of the unfilled one was mainly just to show an idea for a variation for the item)

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i hope you don’t mind… but i’d like to add on to this saying that a few variations for corner wedges would be really nice!


you’ll have to excuse the crappy images but… in order is a “flat” corner, a “pyramid” corner, and a “concave(??)” corner… i don’t know the actual names… but i’d love to build with these!


I was about to write a suggestion about canvas triangles myself.

Building with ‘wedges’ to fill symmetrical, triangular spaces has been such a pain because of the origin & directions from which the item stretches. I would be 100% ready for any triangular shape, but preferably solid.


A tent shape like the one in the original suggestion would be great for surf maps

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Could just directly make a surf primitive that’s designed exactly for surfing.