Can't load into plaza


Hi Guys yesterday I bought tower united on steam and when I try and join, it stuck on loading to plaza and probably give me tips on how to get pass on loading screen to enter

please fix this for slow computers
(Using Direct X 10 version of the game)


Specs? And also I saw you mentioned slow computers, they’ve optimized the plaza best they could, my tip, get a high-end PC.


Does it crash after a while or do you just end the process after a while? It can take a while for the plaza to load for lower end PCs, so you may just need to wait longer. Also make sure to lower your settings in the menu first.


I ended the process because it took too long and turned all the settings to low at the start


How long are you waiting for? Often times if a system can’t run the game, it will at least crash and give an error, so as inconvenient as it can be, perhaps try waiting a while longer on the off chance your PC needs just a little more time.

Back to what AmGona asked, what specs are you running? Being an Unreal 4 game, it can only accommodate so much.



we need to know your specs.

also how long have you waited in the loading screen?


We do need the specs on your computer to determine if your pc is too weak and which part is the cause, or if it’s software that is really, really out of date.
If you’re playing this on a windows computer would you be so kind as to open the search function and type in “device manager”, then click on the result that pops up.
Find the “display adapter” category and give us the name of the item inside said category, and then do the same with the “processor” category.

And if your keyboard allows it, press and hold the windows button on the keyboard and press the “pause break” button, then tell us the number it gives you in “Installed Memory”


For ram it’s 12GB
For the Processor is a AMD A8-APU w/ Radeon HD Graphics and its clocking 2.40 GHz
For Card Diver its a Nvidia Geforce GT 520


what are your RAM specs? there’s more to RAM than just capacity.

speed, DDR version, dual channel, etc.

also A8 doesn’t mean anything, as we don’t know what CPU you have, just the family it’s in

what hard drive do you have? internal or external? and how large is it? lower size = probably older, and slower

and how long have you waited in the loading screen? the plaza takes notoriously long to load, even on high end computers


(1) I have for OS (C:) usually that’s when I install games on that has 983.9 GB for internal storage
(2) it is 12.0 GB of RAM that it has on the desktop computer
(3) I have waited forever to load when I was in task manager it says in not responding and then I just closed it


Tabbing out of the game while it’s loading can do that, a recommendation, to test if it will get you in at some point, is to just join and go afk to the restaurant or get a snack then come back.


I’d say this is the main problem. Your card is a GT series which uses DDR3 memory. There’s a lot of GTX Series cards that would have trouble running this game.


OK well you just repeated what you said earlier.

What type of memory do you have? What speed is it? You’ve already told us how much you have.

Your hard drive seems OK, so unless you have loads of background programs running your HDD should be fine.

“Forever” is not a measurement.


Some of the info you need to find cant be found with stuff like the task manager, device manager and systeminfo, luckily there’s a solution to this.

First you need to access the Command Prompt (CMD)

Now you will need to type the following three commands (they can be copy pasted into the CMD so you dont need to type it all manually)

Then you just copy paste what wmic shows you into a forum response so we can see the info

For your RAM:
wmic Memorychip get FormFactor, Manufacturer, MemoryType, PartNumber, Speed/Format:List

FormFactor Tells you what formfactor your RAM is, it’s most likely DIMM

Manufacturer should tell you the company that made the hardware, sometimes wmic doesn’t find this info for some reason.

MemoryType Tells you what kind of memorychip it is, if the result says “0” don’t worry it’s most likely DDR4, wmic just doesn’t know the number it’s suppose to show for the one it’s detecting.

PartNumber gets you the name of the RAM module, which can be googled to find the manufacturer incase wmic doesn’t show it

Speed is kinda obvious

For your Harddrive:
wmic Diskdrive get LastErrorCode, Manufacturer, Model, Status/Format:List

LastErrorCode Will tell us a ID for an error if there has been an error on the harddrive previously.

Manufacturer will do the same as it did before

Model tells us the name of the harddrive, which

Status tells us if it’s currently ok and without any errors, cant hurt to set the computer to do a manual error check on the harddrives though

For the CPU:
wmic Cpu get CpuStatus, MaxClockSpeed, CurrentClockSpeed, CurrentVoltage, VoltageCaps, L2CacheSize, L2CacheSpeed, LastErrorCode, Manufacturer, Name, Description, SocketDesignation, Status, StatusInfo /Format:List

I don’t wanna write down what all these are for.


Now its says thisCapture


Try verifying your game data.


^^ and if you don’t know how to do that, open your Steam library, right click ‘Tower Unite’, click ‘Properties’, go to the ‘Local Files’ tab, and click ‘Verify integrity of game files’.


Form factor 8
manufacture Hynix Semiconduct
memory type 24
part number=team- Elite-1333 as well as speed
No error codes
Standard disk Drives
The model I have on is WD MyBook 1230 USB Device And Hitachi HDS721010CLA632 witch is a sata disk drive there all ok
Nothing comes up it only says Invalid GET Expression


accidentally added a coma to the last command in a spot where it shouldn’t be,
Here is the command with the error fixed:

wmic Cpu get CpuStatus, MaxClockSpeed, CurrentClockSpeed, CurrentVoltage, VoltageCaps, L2CacheSize, L2CacheSpeed, LastErrorCode, Manufacturer, Name, Description, SocketDesignation, Status, StatusInfo /Format:List


chances are this discussion is fruitless.

you have DDR3 memory, which isn’t terrible, but if you are running it in single channel you’re probably off to a bad start.

your graphics card memory is terrible as well, 1GB is enough to run the game, but it’s DDR3 which even cards like the HD 5450 can beat.

and which HDD do you have your game on?