Can't launch game


yeah so I’m trying to get into tower unite but when I launch from steam it’ll saying preparing to launch, my steam profile is green, indicating that I am in a game/going into one, but then a few seconds later it goes back to blue and it just doesn’t do anything. I uninstalled the game, verified the cache, same problem.

can play other games tho

EDIT: okay nevermind I guess… game finally let me in for no reason. I even restarted the computer and steam and they wouldn’t do anything but all of the sudden POOF just works. guess thats life in a nutshell, eh?


Perhaps it was due to the latest patch just being release and your version hadn’t yet updated? Though Steam usually doesn’t let you just launch a game without warning if an update is available. That’s just my best guess.


this happens to me sometimes, try restarting steam, if that doesn’t work, restarting your computer should do it