Can't join plaza because game freezes


When I’m trying to join any plaza server, after I spawn at transit station game freezes. Sometimes I can move for 5-10 seconds but after that I can’t do anything again. That doesn’t happen in condo or minigames, I can join them without any issues.

About year ago I was playing TW without any problems. Now I can’t because of this. Any help?


If I posted that before, sorry. I am reposting because I forgot to include specs last time.

Also Merry Christmas Eve!


The game has had some changes since last you played, some of which can have a small effect on how good your hardware needs to be to play on the plaza, for example you can now see the locations of players in other plaza servers in the shape of these fancy wisps which looks like this:

People can also now have their own custom models which can be selected from the steam workshop.

Based on the specs list you posted it seems that your graphics card might be the biggest problem here since it only has 1GB of VRAM available to render graphics, which isn’t that great since the VRAM requirement for low quality texture in TU is 700mb and medium is 1000mb, and then there’s all the other stuff that the card has to handle at the same time.
Incase you wanna see:

You could try lowering all the graphical settings to the lowest point possible, it might just be what you need to allow your graphics card to handle the game but i don’t think it will be enough.

Your cpu isn’t as bad as the graphics card and id imagine the cpu would be able to handle the game without major issues if you don’t stress it too much, but it’s still pretty weak since it only has 2 cores for processing, also it is a little worrying that it’s running at 74°C, it’s not recommended to have them run at that temperature.

If it’s possible, and if you can handle it financially id recommend considering getting your pc upgraded (atleast the graphics card), or making a new one with better parts.
The new parts don’t need to be top of the line, stuff that was released in 2015 should be able to give you some pretty good results as long as you wanna take the time to find the correct parts.


I agree with Heavysteam, the game has become bigger and 1GB VRAM is really pushing it, you’ll definitely want to disable workshop models and the like. Lobby3 is being designed to be more optimised so perhaps next year you won’t have as many issues in the plaza.

To add too, the plaza is a big place to load, HDD’s are terribly slow and will create freezes and stutters trying to load everything, even on an older system an SSD would do wonders for your whole PC speed, I’d highly recommend it if you can.


Let me add something to this thread.

My GPU specs are significantly worse than his

L: Mine R: His

both have similar memory specs (1GB GDDR5)

but my 5450 is way worse and subsequently beaten by his card.

yes, i also have trouble running the plaza (terrible stuttering) but i can still run it, and while my textures are blurry if my card can his should be able to as well.

personally i think you’re being bottlenecked by your abysmally slow 8GB single channel DDR3 memory with the saddest clock speed i’ve ever seen, and i have less memory but better memory so that might be why i can (sorta) run the plaza.

sadly i don’t think we can help with your RAM, and no amount of tech support will help with the ungodly amount of stuff TU loads in and out of RAM constantly.


Hey, thanks for help. I was wondering if that’s my specs problem too. I was playing many games at 60 fps on high or medium, but I know that TU is in early acces and don’t have really good optimalization. Now, after christmas, I have some money and I can afford to buy some things. I don’t know to much about which graphic cards or cpu is good or bad, so I have two questions:
What I should buy to play TU at least in 40 fps on low/medium? How much it will costs?

Thanks for help anyway.


a 1030 might sound terrible but if you want the bare minimum @<720 30-40ish fps lowest settings + a bit of resolution scale tinkering you can get that experience with a GT 1030 which costs anywhere from $80 to $130 depending on your location / demand / a million other things.

if you want a 1080p experience i say go for a 1050.

remember that more demanding areas will obviously lower your FPS so those numbers may change greatly, most noticeably in condos with lots of lights / lamps / shadows.