Can't Equip any Accessories


Hey, I installed Tower Unite on my laptop today and found that I have not been able to equip any accessories. I can still see the accessories I own, but clicking on them does nothing. I haven’t been able to find any other mention of this on the forum besides one post, to which the response was to reinstall the game. I reinstalled the game however the issue has persisted. I’ve tried verifying the game cache as well to no avail.


I tried installing the game on my other computer, and I still can’t equip accessories on that computer either.


I found that I also can’t equip any hats in minigolf. Is there any way to fix this?


This is a know issue. Read Accessories/Equippable Bug [] - Please read before posting!


Ah, ok. I knew that the hotbar bug was an issue but didn’t think to check in the bug reports section.
Edit: nevermind I realized when I posted this that sticky wasn’t there.


Oh okay my bad.