"Can't connect to host" error message in Plaza

As the title says, I get an error message every single time I join a server.
I have no clue how this happened, or how to reproduce it.
It should of, you know, joined the server with no issues.
I cannot play the game at all with this, because it just boots me back to the menu once I press “Okay”
I’ve tried getting out the game and back in, verifying files, restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling, none of those works. Steam isn’t down, Tower Unite isn’t down, my computer is fine, and it says I’m connected in the upper corner. Also, after I had gotten out the second time or so it says it isnt connecting to the cloud files, every other game I have is fine. I tried reconnecting to it, but it doesnt work and stays un synced. Even after I had uninstalled it still doesn’t work. This is really pissing me off, what do I do?