Cannot transfer from GMOD tower

I’ve tried this yesterday afternoon and again now, whenever I try to transfer it says that it was unsuccessful from an unknown error. Here is a link to my steam if that is needed:

Maybe it’s the peculiar item?

Oops, sorry about that, I had disabled it when we were doing backend work and forgot to re-enable it.

Try again now.

What was the feature that needed backend work? Just curious

I think the backend work was mostly for the achievements.


Ah I see! Must be hard making a game.


Understatement of the decade.


Haha, I can’t even imagine how tricky. You guys are doing extremely brilliant work on this game! I can’t even make a sphere on blender lol.

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Just got around to trying it and it worked, thanks!


After you’ve clicked away the splash screen: Shift+A, UV Sphere. Boom. Okay, to see the whole thing you’d have to delete the default cube but even without you can see you made one.

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Wow! Thanks!!