Cannot Open Media Menu

I have noticed that for some reason I can no longer open up the media menu (by holding Q while looking at the device) for TVs, Tablets, etc. when I enter Condos. I have not tested this in the Theater yet, however I first noticed this in a buddy’s condo. He asked me to put on a song and when I found out that I couldn’t open the menu I informed him that I thought my game was bugged. I have since restarted my Tower Unite, to no avail. This also happens in MY OWN Condo and I am really confused as to why. Does anyone have a fix to this? or will I have to wait until a patch for this is released. If so, that is okay. I just thought this needed to be put out there.

Thank you,

are you sure you pressed E on the things first? i freaked out when i forgot

Yes. There was media playing on the screen. I still couldn’t open the menu.

Were you in first or third person? I can’t activate tvs/projectors/theater screens in third person. My problem is probably the cat hat I wear though.

First Person

This has happened numerous time for me in both Condos and Theatre, more often in the latter. I just mash ‘Q’ until it fixes itself.

I’ve done that and that doesn’t work. I’ve even relaunched the game and have restarted my PC since the issue occurred. It still doesn’t work :c

did you check your keybindings?