Can you get banned for inapropriate lobby names?

just asking. thanks for every answer. i love all of you.


Love you too

Also if you mean Gameworld lobby names, Gameworld lobbies are moderated by the owner meaning developers cannot take action for anything that happens in a Gameworld lobby including Gameworld lobby names

(Same goes for Condos)

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wait so i can literally name my minigolf lobby a really really really really bad and racist thing and they aren’t going to do about it?

I wouldn’t really push your luck but I have seen some really bad condos and the owners seem fine afterwards

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Should we be worried? lol

yes i am an evil mastermind

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aka edgy teenager?



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ive had some devilishly good game names and pissed off many people but i’m pretty sure it’s fine

I’d still be cautious until an actual dev/admin gives the OK. We may be informed community members, but we aren’t moderators in any way.


don’t worry, i wasn’t planning on doing anything bad anyway, genuinely just curious how the moderation works.

the worst lobby names i’ve had were literally stuff like “peepee poopoo” or “my peepee big”

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Just name yourself to “Rabbit’s peepee is smol” and we’re good here.

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No :slight_smile:


Wow, that is so funny and is a joke that I did laugh at, I think.


Not sure about TU specifically, but Steam’s content rules say no:

  • Racism, discrimination
  • Abusive language, including swearing

And I’m pretty sure this can extend to the username. Probably wouldn’t be banned for it, but might not be a great idea either.

Also this is a very funny thread with a lot of very funny jokes :100::fire::speak_no_evil::scream::ok_hand: