Can you enable suicides in BallRace to avoid this?

Enabling suicides into BallRace could help with theses situations:
Please, turn down your volume. :slight_smile:

If the video doesn’t play here, just use this link:

EDIT: Thanks Mac for moving my thread to the good place, i was lost between a suggestion or a question.

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I’d rather these solutions be patched instead, like for these objects to have one way collision.


…obviously yeah fixes are great, but there’s a lot of ways to get stuck in ball race because it’s as crazy as it is. Even courses I’ve done dozens of times and then suddenly get stuck in a random ass spot that I never have happen again. Adding the K functionality is a good idea.

Also nice for when you have 20 seconds and 1 life left and everyone’s waiting for you at the start of a course that takes 30 seconds to do with zero mistakes.


It would be great if you could just press k


I got stuck under a rail track on another map and I pretty much had to wait until time ran out. Pretty much everyone in the room was waiting on me even though I couldn’t do anything. So yeah, something to reset with at least would be nice

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it’d be impossible to patch every single way to get stuck in ballrace IMO. Every time I play I see a random person get stuck in a new way, also falling through the kill barrier hasn’t been 100% fixed so having a respawn button (k) would be best

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I’ll look into this. Maybe you can hold down K and the ball slowly expands until it pops, that way you don’t accidentally slap that button and die.


Good way to suicide, yes!

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I mean into BallRace…

“Press K to blow yourself until you explode!”

I want to press K and then let go to see how big i can make the orb, yay!

Probably won’t be bigger than the whole map. :slight_smile:

You can actually get unstuck from situations like those if you open your inventory, because it causes a small amount of lag. It doesn’t work on all of them, but it works for a large sum of them.

What’s happening is you are colliding with one (or more) surfaces repeatedly with rapid succession. This often happens when you get wedged between a crack, or getting pushed up against a surface by a booster. (Like Nimbus ramps) This will get you stuck because the collision sends you back into the other surface over and over again, repeatedly changing your momentum and not allowing you to move. To get unstuck, you cause lag (through inventory or content or otherwise) to disable the collisions enough for a few frames so you can pick up speed to get out of it. In this case, you are getting accelerated into the star, then bouncing off of it every frame, resulting in the shaky motion that keeps you stuck. Due to the momentum change you get based on where you hit slanted stars from, it will gravitate you towards the middle of said star. The only way to get unstuck is to cause the game to freeze so it forgets about launching you at the star for a short time.

This happens way more easily with higher and higher framerates, increasing linearily.