Can we revert changes done to the Ballrace Moving Platforms?

In the most recent major update. Their was changes done to the moving platforms. I’m asking for these to get reverted.

The reason I’m asking for this change is that the psychics with these moving platforms makes things a lot less consistent. Such as the GLXY 4 skip. In which the easier way to the skip, The Double Bounce Method. Is a lot harder than it use to be.

Here are two different TU versions in which I do the GLXY 4 Skip 6 times.



As show in the videos the older version of the skip is much more consistent with higher bounces allowing you to have more time to land on the next platform.

That is not shown in the video in which the skip is inconsistent with it’s height.

Another example is also on GLXY with GLXY 11 in which the current top ten strat is not possible to do anymore due to the platform changes.

Here is an example of a video of the skip happening before this update and after.

Andrew GLXY 11

GIF of the current version of the skip.

These issues with the moving platforms don’t happen on the older versions of the game, and while I only show footage of GLXY in this forum post. (Mainly due to it being most prevalent on that map) It occurs on all 3 of the current maps that were changed in this update. (GLXY, Memories, Paradise)

Now the main reason these platforms got changed in the first place is because of desync. But unlike Minigolf desync in which the platforms would mess you up big time. Ballrace platform desync is purely visual and has no effect on you has a player.

You do not fall through ghost platforms like how you can phase through them in minigolf, and you don’t float on invisible ones like how you can in minigolf. All what the desync does is simply allow you to see other players floating on invisible platforms. Your platforms work and always have.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk


Very weird behavior, I’ll see what we can do about it.