Can we PLEASE get some mini-games for the condo? (namely multiplayer blackjack)

The condo is great for watching movies and for decorating, but it lacks a huge element of Tower Unite and that’s actual games to play. The lack of any real games to play in the Condo make it feel comparatively empty and less engaging than the rest of the game unlike a real social hangout. Obviously we don’t want condo games to pull people away from the plaza so I’m not suggesting anything too huge, just small adaptations of some current games that would allow people to get together with a video/music running and play some games to kill time. Below are a few suggestions for how some games could be adapted for condos in a stripped down but entertaining form:

-Multiplayer Blackjack: Standard blackjack where a player deals and bets are made only out of the players pockets, and only if they choose to bet. This could be implemented into the condo via the purchase of a blackjack table that can be placed in the condo.

-In-house Trivia: Choose a subject and have players compete on the couch or wherever they want in the condo using pre-placed button panels that interact with a monitor, specifically purchased to play the game trivia.

-Competitive Hoops: Using the currently functional basketball hoops, implement a scoring system and a timer that allows people to competitively dunk against each other to attempt to reach the highest score.

-Miniature Bowling: Allow players to purchase a single lane bowling alley smaller than the plaza alleys, which uses shrunk down balls to compensate for the smaller playing area. This could obviously be used for competitive in-house bowling.

-Beer Pong: Okay so this one isn’t based off of any pre-existing mode but I figured it could be entertaining. Have players on each side of a preset playing space try to dunk a small ball into laid out cups.

I really just want the condo to be a more socially interactive hangout than just a place to look at decorations or view YouTube videos. Somewhere where me and some mates can go and listen to music or a video whilst playing more laid back game-modes as opposed to having to choose one or the other. The condo is the perfect setting for that, we just
need some simple games to play while we are in there.

All for it as long as no units are paid out. Bets are fine as long as they’re among existing players’ money.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’d just be mini-games for the fun of it with money only being exchanged between players.

We’ve actually had a few talks about doing Condo Trivia, card games, and maybe bowling. But they won’t have payouts. Hoops would be pretty neat considering we have all the stuff for it. This really just comes down to time at the moment and when we get more of the stuff we already have on our plate down, we can consider doing Condo minigames.


That sounds completely reasonable, as long as it comes some day in the long term future I’ll be very happy.


Awesome to hear! Don’t forget Texas hold’em tables, billiards/pool and air hockey! :smiley:

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pool would be nice

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Yes, please