Can we make the arcade fastli please?

can we make the arcade fastly please?

The arcade will come out when it’s done. There have actually been some pictures added to the Discord thread recently, so it’s certainly being worked on. They’re focused on Little Crusaders at the moment, so I wouldn’t expect the arcade to be added to soon.


We’d all like our favorite upcoming features to magically get done at the drop of a hat, but your post is pointless; the devs have an active Trello page laying out their plans. They are working on what makes the most sense earliest and going from there.


Making every arcade game play well and also have multiplayer networking support (that doesn’t lag) is not an easy feat as each machine will have its own networking scenario. We also don’t know which machine will actually be “fun” until we make it and play it.

We’ve broken down and planned the least time consuming direction to finish the Arcade, but it is currently not our main focus at this time. Our early estimates put the Arcade development time at 2-3 months of solid development time, but it could be faster, could be slower. That’s 2-3 months starting from the time we go into active development on the feature.

Rest assured, we work every single day from 11am to 6pm (and 6pm-10pm for some of our crazier devs). We’re working as fast as we can, but we have a strict level of quality that is more important than speed of release. The Arcade has to be up to the standard of (or exceed) everything else.

Unlike our maps (which are developed exclusively by 1 developer at a time), the arcade will require more developers and they have to have their slate cleaned. @Zak and @Foohy, for example, need to finish up their weapon prediction stuff so they can focus on arcade stuff.


Quality takes time and effort. Pixeltail is just 15 or so guys working hard to make a fantastic game. Just have a little patience, good things come to those who wait.