Can we expect to see a foam gun gear?

Personally I would like to see a gear similar to a Nerf gun. The purpose of this would be to allow players to shoot foam bullets at one another, in condos, and in plazas. This would just be a fun novelty item and a cool promotion for laser tag or any other upcoming Tower Unite shooter.

It would hopefully contain some spring loading sfx and a reload-able magazine of foam bullets. If possible it would be really cool if the foam bullets could stick to players and walls.

I feel like this would also give builders an opportunity to build arenas of their own which could be fun and expand the interactive possibilities for condos.

I think this has been suggested a few times. I still like the idea though and would like to see it implemented.

I was kind of hoping to gauge a dev response with this thread because I have never heard their official thoughts on a foam gun gear.

I never knew how much I wanted this until just now. Voted.

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