Can we customize casino in our own server?

Not like adding new stuffs to Casino, but can we change like Units for Spin to Win (ex. 500U -> 300U) or the items we can get on Spin to Win or change values of slot machines on our dedicated server?
(Sorry, I dont know how to play Poker or other card games so cant make any examples).

No, when the Casino is released on Non-Official Servers, Pixeltail Games will retain full control of how the Casino operates.

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Oh, Okay. That’s actually cool. That means no one can get Units or items easily by customizing servers. :slight_smile:
Worried for server maintenance or down though :frowning:

Will this work the same on unranked servers, Considering that the Economy would be server specific in this case?

Unranked Server Operation is still under discussion at this time.

Here’s an idea, it would be alot of work but how about replace the casino with something else on unofficial servers.