Can we add candy to the game?

One of my earliest memories is going on the boardwalk and getting like gummy fangs from candy kitchen, can we add a candy store along the boardwalk? fangs) for ideas of candies. What the candy can do is have like a sugar rush like the drunk effect or like the gummy fangs it would temporarily give fangs, or maybe candy themed furniture and if this was released it would come out with a candy bracelet, ring pop, or candy necklace appearance items or like the fangs(which can be appearance) where the are temporary.
Edit:voted my own suggestion, shun me

I’d love decorative candies that we can place/wear. That’d be pretty rad.


Instead of a candy store maybe add them to celebrations?


Sounds like a great idea, But maybe a comprimise! How about we expand the celebrations store and make a little area where they sell the candy!

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I’ve always loved candy and I could not agree more

It’d be cool to get candy from trick or treating during the Halloween event


gummy catsacks pls


Gummy gun? Shoots colourful gummy worms? Or even just a candy gun that shoots generic Halloween candies