Can start the game, but cant play it


Whenever I start the game the game starts, loads fine, but I cant switch to it, it runs in a tab but whenever i select it it just pulls up a transparent screen and all i can do is alt-tab off of it. Any ideas? (Ive tried restarting my pc, restarting the game, and reinstalling it.)



There are a few things that could cause this, so let’s go through them.
We will need to know what hardware you got in your PC to see if it’s hardware related or if it’s something else.

The CPU and GPU can be found by going into the search field and typing “Device Manager” and clicking on the result,
the CPU can be found in the “Processors” category while the GPU name is in the “Display adapters” category.
While you’re in there you can also get the names of the HDDs and SSDs you got plugged into your PC in the “Disk Drives” category.

To find the amount of installed RAM you got you can check by pressing “Windows Key + Pause Break”
They often look like this

Pause Break:

Then just post the name of the parts and other specs here



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