Can someone please address bug reports, or at least respond to them


I would appreciate a response to my bug report. Server creating for games still has issues being joinable or even able to invite other players. Also leaving a lobby and trying to join another sends you back to the server you just left. Is, or will anyone ever be addressing the issues which seems pretty high priority?


The developers always read the bug reports, they just don’t always leave a reply.


They’re always read. I’ve posted bug reports and have seen the same bug fixed within the span of a few days.


How considerate of them.


They also put the bugs in an internal list and fix around 10 of them or more for almost every big update or hot fix they release.


Does that include the Steam discussions page? cause i still see players posting there, if it is for nothing, maybe it should be removed, just a thought.


The developers don’t check the steam discussions as often as the official forums, but they still check it.


I have nearly 2000 hours in this game and 300 friends on my list that own it. Maybe 3-5 of those friends would be seen playing it daily. It really breaks my heart to watch as the game becomes less amusing for friends who have purchased it. #Make Tower Unite great again


I have probably been the most dedicated player since the release of TU. But sadly, I too, am considering uninstalling.


I read and reply to as many bug reports as I can daily. I also read and reply to Steam forums, but I’ve been out of the office this week - I’m back now.

We know of a few join issues with Steam invites and we’re working on them.


It’s not just Steam invites. I try to host many games but it is not even coming up on the server list. Thank you for responding.


I’d try following this guide for that:


I would host a game, and after waiting for 20 mins for players to join, i realize that the server i just created isn’t even on the list for anyone.


Ok, thank-you.