Can players be banned for doing something outside of game/official server?

It’s been some time since I’ve been thinking about it, but I realized I might just try to ask openly about it. Cause Tower Unite policy is noticeably about transparency, right?
And I hope it’s not something that is, like… forbidden to ask or such.
I checked the rules, but I couldn’t find anything about the thing I am questioning.
So is being able to get banned in the game for doing something bad (whatever the level of that bad would be) outside of moderated PixelTail environment something that can be proven officially?

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asking for a friend

But in all seriousness, it probably depends and you might want to be more specific


Eh, I don’t think so
I might be getting what you hint at, but it’s been months since a certain ban like that I got to know of happened and now I am just interested in general if that’s a thing.
I personally don’t really find that fair tbh, but it’s just my opinion, and if PixelTail openly confirms they do give bans like that then that’s just their policy they have their right on. I just would like to feel like it’s something stated openly.

Well, anything. If there is anything a person can do outside of TU and its official servers and get banned for it, it counts.
For me, at least. Because, well - I really get people can disagree with me on that - but I personally have never felt before like I or someone else can be banned in the game without violating any if its rules and such. That felt like kind of social pressure

I’m not sure about what you’re saying, but I do remember when a member (In which I will not disclose the name) was banned for doxing someone in a game of ballrace which if I’m correct is not moderated.

There was also another incident that had to do with illegal material that was posted on an unofficial server. That user was banned. A good amount of times.

Hopefully, that answers your question.


Well, I just wanted a confirmation that being banned for doing something elsewhere (your example with an unofficial server counts too) is possible. I guess you gave it now.
The last thing I could ask about is whether this will be posted in the pages of TU rules as well, as I feel like braking the game’s rules in the moderated environment and doing whatever else in other places are still different things.