Can no longer equip workshop models?

Hello, I was having trouble equipping accessories on my avatar, so I used this solution: Accessories/Equippable Bug [] - Please read before posting! - #6 by CarbonCopyCat

And it worked. But now, whenever I equip a workshop model, close out of customization and either join a new lobby/condo/ect. or reopen the customization menu, my model swaps to an all white female.

I’ve tried re-enabling Steam Cloud, but that didn’t fix anything. Help?

Try editing any of the colours on a default model, and then equipping a workshop model. For some reason, if all of the colours on default models are unchanged, it doesn’t save your workshop model.


Another weird thing: all my unlocked achievements now say they were unlocked back in 2007 on the completion book? Despite the fact I unlocked most of them yesterday?