Can I Run Tower Unite!?

It looks like I won’t be able to run Tower Unite… Will the minimum requirements change? (If not ima kill myself)


Possibly. I’d be more concerned with the GPU than the CPU in your case, which you haven’t provided.

[quote=“Caboose700, post:2, topic:4683”]
I’d be more concerned with the GPU
[/quote] [quote=“Caboose700, post:2, topic:4683”]
which you haven’t provided.
[/quote] I don’t know how to access my GPU… Does this help?

To get your GPU, go into your device manager and click display adapters. It should then show your GPU as well as your CPU.

If you’re running off onboard GPU based on the CPU (Intel Graphics), you MIGHT be able to run it on all low settings.

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Ok :confused:

@macdguy PixelTail Games said they wanted Tower Unite to be able to run on all potato computers and mine is a 1000 dollar laptop so if I can’t run Tower then something is wrong. :confused:

Price when it comes to computers has very little meaning.

It’s all about the hardware. You can easily build a computer for a thousand dollars that can run Tower Unite.

As for performance, you really won’t know until you play it. In it’s current Alpha state, it is completely unoptimised.

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@Caboose700 I’m just worried I can’t even begin to run it, not at what speed, I did the performance test and I was fine.

You’ll be able to run it. How WELL, how low of settings, etc, I don’t know.

@Billybobjoey tested the current Alpha playing Ball Race at lowest settings at 720p Ball Race Nimbus getting around 40-20 FPS on a 3 year old Intel CPU.


@Caboose700 This is an old post but I think my computer is close to three years old but is not over. I think I can handle 20-40 FPS if I had to. If it was any other game I would rage quit. Anyways, thx for your help and stuff.

Will i be able to run Tower Unite with a Geforce Gt 740m graphics card?

I am using GeForce GTX 560, which is like 5 years old Graphics Card and it runs very smoothly. If someone is using higher version of mine, I don’t think he/she needs to worry about it.