Can anyone help me get more FPS

I have a decent laptop that can run most games but when I try and play tower unite I get 8FPS and I can’t do anything in the game. I so badly want to play this game as I have had it for ages and want to bring back the memories of gtower. If anyone has any suggestions please say thank you.

laptop info:
AMD A8-4555M APU with radeon HD graphics 1.60GHz

What are your computer specs?

is this what you need

AMD A8-4555M APU with radeon HD graphics 1.60GHz

If you have your laptop model, we can find your specs online.

Unreal Engine 4 is a beautifully capable and hefty game engine. I’ve had experience with AMD APUs in a desktop when I was trying to do a budget build for a friend and their integrated graphics suck pretty bad, even for the highest end A10 APU. We still had to get a dedicated GPU to play anything decently. That CPU clock rate is also pretty low.

I have a Hd Pavilion 15 notebook pc

So tower unite will be unplayable for me then

If you can put up with slight blurriness, you can benefit a lot from resolution scaling. It’s a slider in video settings that goes from 1-100. Try it out around 60~80 and let me know if you see any improvements in your FPS!


it has definitely helped i now hit 15 and sometimes 20 fps when im not looking at shops i would like more but this is somewhat playable thank you


No problem, my dude. Glad it helped a bit.