Can anyone explain what this means?

From the latest patch notes

"What we’re actively working (continued from the last update):

  • Condo lobby doors not being properly linked to player Condos "

Does this mean that the doors in the lobby will link to players condos? So other people in the lobby will be able to join your condo directly from the lobby, or is it something else?

If so that’s great :3 all that’s left would be to be able to chat to people in the lobby from within your condo and all is good :stuck_out_tongue: Because without that, it gets kinda lonely in condos lol

Lobby doors were always supposed to link to player condos, Presumably there was an issue with the doors linking correctly, and this is being resolved.


Ahhh that’s awesome news :smiley: Like I said when that get’s implemented the only thing that would be missing is being able to chat to people in the lobby from within your condo and it’ll be just like the old tower, except better (condo wise anyway) :3

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That’s planned iirc, and now that I think of it, It was tested not too long ago

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isn’t it in the game already?

something like p2p chat

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Im not entirely sure, all I remember is that Condo to Lobby chat was buggy and didn’t display a name of who was talking, But I haven’t really played in an active lobby yet

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Brilliant :slight_smile: I’m glad all this was already planned :smiley:

Yeah. P2P Chating from Lobby to Condo was tested during the alpha however it didn’t got pushed because it still was nowhere near done.

I assume from the moment they the condo linking they will probably start working on it again, as they want to make sure the Condo and Lobby connection feels seamless. :smile: