Camera Tool

I had a recent idea due to the fact that I’ve had trouble trying to get a shot angled right in 3rd person to record some things. Why not add a camera tool that allows a person to set down a camera, swap to it with a key press, and then lo and behold, there’s your new angle! It wouldn’t be necessarily usable in other people’s condos, unless the option was enabled, but this way, people can do fun things like interview videos or pseudo-vlogs with their friends, and then also people like me could make some neat video ideas out of it.


maybe like the camera in GMOD? Yeah that’ll be cool!

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Oh dude, I forgot about the Gmod camera tool!
You could also right-click with it to make it track yourself if I recall correctly.


There are 2 cameras in Gmod though…

Correct! There’s the regular “Camera” tool, and there’s the Render Target Camera, which would basically show whatever it sees on a texture surface.

In TU, it would make sense to combine both camera tool functionality into one, where switching between cameras via hotkey would be totally acceptable, and using the Condo I/0 functions soon to come we could link certain cameras to tvs and essentially create a closed circuit surveillance system.


Realtime cameras are pretty resource-heavy on systems. One solution could be scaling the screens down to a lower resolution. It’s been mentioned before, I’m all for it.

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Bump, was gonna make a new thread to suggest this but this was already suggested, i wonder if there are any plans for this and how hard it’d be to implement.

It’s great for basic animation vids too!