Call of Duty Black Ops III

Talk about your favorite Call of Duty Black Ops III moments and fails here. Have Fun!!!

Black ops 1 is where its at m8. Combat training and feeling like you were the best player was :ok_hand:

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But black ops III has all the new updates and stuff. Black ops 1 has no new updates. Its just a regular shooting game.

But I’m not gonna lie and say that Black Ops 1 wasn’t decent. Its just that it doesn’t get updated.

That doesn’t sound very “retro” of you.
I’ll see myself out


Are you making fun of my name Nate214

Just Because Retro’s In My Name Doesn’t Mean I Like All Old Games

Why would you hate a game because it doesn’t get updated anymore? If Team Fortress 2 stopped being updated, I would still play until everybody leaves, not just say “this game is pointless. There’s no updates.” and stop playing.

my favorite black ops 3 moment was not buying it


My favorite Black Ops 3 moment was when I never cared about it.
Seriously, I don’t give a damn about any CoD game past 2.

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