Buying inside Of Condo

Sometimes I don’t like going downstairs to the plaza to get stuff. So I though of a condo buying system. It has all the stores with all the items but its 10% more to buy it.

This will pretty much make some people get items in there condo. While others go to the store.
I just though its a good idea.

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I like this idea. It’d basically be like shopping online instead of in store. It’d be even cooler if once you ordered it, it showed up in a box by your front door (like how the transfer from Lobby 1 to 2 happened).

There is currently a system in the alpha where you can buy directly from Sweet Suites and the toy store directly from the CondoOS.

Thats sounds good too! Maybe it can include stuff like a real box. Shipping information, Tower Unite mail logo and maybe the store you bought it from and the contents inside.

I also have to say, that since the condos are going to be separate from the main lobby, they have to implement this feature. But the extra 10% is unnecessary.

Are condos actually planned to be separate from the plaza? I know that’s the current state in the alpha, but I wouldn’t expect that to be in the final game…it wouldn’t make sense.

Yes. They want to have “infinite condos”, since the technology allows for it now, the only way to do that is to have them on a separate server with a server browser where you can see which condos are available.

In my opinion that kind of ruins half the charm of the condos…before you could invite a bunch of friends over to your condo and have a good time without having to switch servers. Now if you have to switch servers just to go to the condos it kind of ruins the immersion…

Well, would you rather have infinite condos, or have everyone crowded around the condo lady when there are no condos left? I feel this is for the best.

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That ruins condos. We have UE4 I’m pretty sure they can add a few extra condos. Also I asked Mac if they are trying to remove doors. He said they are trying but he also said the condos one will teleport you.

[quote=“MyNamesLiam, post:10, topic:1112, full:true”] He said they are trying but he also said the condos one will teleport you.

Can you clarify? I don’t quite understand.

We did a Q&A with mac a while ago but it looks like they have changed. Forget about this topic.

Wait so then how will parties work?

It will probably send a message to the main servers, I’m guessing.