Bundle or something

I want to buy 4 copies of this game to gift to other people, why not have a 2 or 4 pack bundle or something discounted?

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Steam doesn’t really do that anymore, they moved away from storing games in inventories and as a result we don’t really see 4-packs anymore.

They don’t allow us to create 4 packs anymore.


Really? Interesting.

Awh RIP.
$15 per copy it is. :man_shrugging:

Heck, it’s not actually that bad for how many hours you get out of the game.

Lame, I’ve already bought my copy and gifted one, and am about to gift three more copies, it would have been cool, but oh well i guess

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Right now would be a good time to get extra copies due to the sale.


$31.47, 3 for 2 I guess.