Building Pieces?

Will the building pieces for the condo be making a comeback? If so, will they be wallpaperable?

The entire condo system is getting redone from the ground up. With the option to put put walls where you want them and much much more. So the building pieces will probably be replaced in favor of that system. I believe the last perk talked about wallpaperablity.

Yep, you can change the material and wallpaper of the walls.
I wonder if they will let us upload our own wallpapers using image URLs just like the canvases. That would be super neat!

I don’t see why the same technology couldn’t be used there…although the idea sounds odd to me. Not against it but not so much for it either. Kinda neutral on that one.

People who want the utmost control over their humble abode will want to create their own wallpaper designs, upload them to an image hosting site, and use it in-game.
I’d rather have more options than less, tbh.

I was thinking more in terms of what I already witnessed people doing with them during the first night of the Alpha…IE the NSFW imagery. I understand the system would probably be governed over the same controls.

That shouldn’t make a difference, since there are going to be options that allow you to essentially censor custom content should you be so opposed to anything NSFW.
If people want to put porn on their walls, so be it. I can leave their condo as soon as I see it if I feel uncomfortable.
But what about the people who want to make a really unique condo with their own custom touches? We shouldn’t hamper creativity just because some people are willing to abuse the system.

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No I perfectly respect that and agree with you.

I hate it when this happens.

I would probably just use the standard wallpapers, but having a custom option would be cool (for example if you wanted an 8-bit theme)

This is definitely not be expected by release but this is a breakdown of some of the features we’re considering:

Each wall will eventually have…

  • Type: is it a wall, or a wall with a window, or a wall with a door?
  • Pattern/Design: wallpaper image
  • Material: metal, wood, plaster, etc.
  • Color: the color of the wall