Bug Report: A BUNCHA issues with the RC Dragon Milestone in Condos


It’s, really odd but there’s issues with non-permission set teleporters and stuff like launch pads with the rc dragon, to the point where its almost unable to spawn in a lot of condos.

Let’s use a launcher pad as an example.

Here’s a quick diagram, I’m gonna spawn an rc dragon in the spawn area, then go off the roof.
The moment I go off the roof, I will trigger the launch pad, even if I’m no where actually near it.

Here’s example two.

A teleporter’s shown here, it doesn’t require permission so when you hit the teleporter it’ll teleport you, in this case, outside the map. Again, spawn area for the rc dragon marked but due to the volatile nature of this one I wont even need to move from the spawn area, I’ll just teleport, regardless of the distance away from the teleporter.

There’s a few stray issues but they’re hard to describe without videos, but I’ll do my best to format them into text.

  • Spawning the RC dragon sometimes spawns it under the condo, however it automatically gets sent back to the condo as the water under it forces it to reset or whatever.

  • Leaving the RC dragon will sometimes get rid of your collision, causing you to fall through the floors of the condo and multiple items and continually get hit by the like, water under that condo that puts you back in the condo.

Sorry if this wasnt super clear, but I hope it at least helped with something! I’ll be happy to demonstrate it in my own condo if needed.


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