[Bug Megathread] Plaza/Lobby Holes and Collision Issues

Hey everyone, I wanted to create a pinned thread for holes and collision issues that people find in Plaza, as individual bug reports can sometimes get buried. (And due to their mostly low priority, sometimes forgotten about)

It would be great if people could explain where an issue lies, with a screenshot or video, and we’ll try and get round to fixing them when we can. Once we have fixed an issue or believed to have fixed an issue, I will delete the post made by the user just so the thread doesn’t get too crowded. If the issue still remains and hasn’t quite been fixed properly, please post it again.

Thanks everyone.


You can hug the wall and go out of bounds at this spot

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With the tiny potion you can get inside the “building” on Project 12, this is possible on both sides, but only on the far side.



On the island visible from the house next to the lazy river

Link if it doesn’t play: https://streamable.com/sdnv6

Don’t patch that. Put a cat in there and make finding it an achievement.

There are a few spots on the exterior of the Laser Tag building that, when touched, will teleport the player into the floor of the Laser Tag entrance. I don’t know if the teleportation is intentional to prevent players from getting stuck in that spot or something, but if it is, the destination should be raised so players don’t clip through the floor.

The spots that teleport when touched are circled and have their saturation increased.

This video shows it happening, as well as how it can be used with a size potion to get out of bounds.

Also a much smaller, nitpicky-type thing: theres a few spots where you can see through the map on the roof.

These small holes are present on both sides of the roofing.