Buff Wheel of Money a slight bit

The Wheel of Money machine was when it came out ridiculously overpowered and I imagine the devs knew that, I knew that as well so I agree it should be nerfed and it has but the nerf is now absolutely ridiculous and no one wants to play it anymore because of the Randomness of it.

Potential Things to change for it.

  1. Make it more likely for getting 3 of one on the payouts and make it 5 credits for spins
  2. Make it so that 3 credits earn Spins as well.
    and maybe leave the Randomness alone.


I did try to get an estimate of how much money one would get so i tried to spin the machine for ten minutes straight three times, i have used around 7500 units to pull the arm, from the first session i won 30 credits back which gave me a whopping 450 units back, the second session was a little bit more lucky with 70 credits which in total is 1050 credits, the last session wasnt so lucky with me only having earned 40 credits.

So in total i have spent 22500 units to earn 2100.
If anyone else wanna try a small session and log how much they win that would be lovely.

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Was this on 5 Credits?

Yesterday (before the update), betting 1 coin per pull, over the course of ~7 hours I made 150,000 units. This was after about 3219 spins. (I know the exact number because I sat down with my JP starting at 185,328 and had my seat stolen at 188,547)

Betting @1 Credit: It was paying around 20,000 units per hour on average, +/- 7500ish, depending on how lucky you were. In bet by bet terms, we would make around 46.6 units per pull of the lever on average.

(Before this update) There was literally no point in betting anything more than 1. Anyone that was betting 3 or 5 were throwing their money down the drain. Because betting 1, would payout 1. Betting 3, would only payout 2, and betting 5, would only payout 3. Those ratios are 1:1, 3:2, and 5:3. Which are 1.00, 0.66, and 0.60. In addition to the worse payouts, there was no better of a chance to spin the wheel than betting 1 credits. It was bad on top of bad.

Payout Ratios: 1.00 > 0.66 > 0.60

What does this mean? That is essentially the payout ratio. You were losing 34% of your potential profits at 3 credits, and 40% of your potential profits at 5 credits. Betting 1 credit per pull was FAR more beneficial than betting 5 per.

Example: You would be rewarded 5x for your 5 one credit pulls, but if you were betting 5 credit pulls, you are only rewarded 3x.

TL:DR; The math for the machine was bad from the beginning and needed some tweaking. Now it has been nerfed to the ground and I can pretty much guarantee nobody will want to play it. I’m all for a nerf, but I don’t think this is the nerf we needed. It didn’t really fix the issues aside from 1x credit paying too much.


Yes, it was on five credits.

Ill give you the formula i used

x * y * z = ?

x: 5 credits/cost for a 5 credit spin
y: 10
z: 10

that is the formula i used to calculate the total cost for 10 minutes, incidentally the form can also be used to calculate the amount of arm pulls per 10 minutes by changing the x value to the amount of time it takes to perform a arm pull and the time it takes for it to display the output on the machine.