Bruh what am I muted for

aight I’ve been muted before for saying some (Let’s just say bad) stuff about furries, but this time I have no clue what I was banned for. I said “I dislike furries with a passiom” Which doesn’t sound like it warrants a ban, and I said “Furries are the scum of this earth” so which is it? and why? Do you guys have furries on the DEV team or something

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If I recall correctly there was also talk of “chasing after children”.
Maybe just… Calm down a little.


global chat really isn’t the place for that, why don’t you talk about TU instead of saying literally anything is the ‘scum of the earth’


I agree with that. Calling people “Scum of the earth” isn’t really conducive to a good conversation, and just gets people riled and angry in chat. That’s not really what Global is for.


Hating people purely based off of their hobby is a very presumptuous and rude thing to do. You’re not looking at individuals and hating them based off of actions of others. I know the furry community has always been controversial, but remember that is not everyone. Every fandom has its bad eggs. Hating them soley for those bad eggs is ignorant and doesn’t make you look cool.


This guy got in trouble for the same thing before lol. Some people never learn


Please read and follow our chat rules. No trolling, harassment, or discrimination. Saying people are the scum of the earth (including doing it in all caps) is not acceptable no matter what they enjoy or believe in.

This is your third ban as well.