Bromhamsam's Gallery and Cinema Condo

I decided to give my condo a massive overhaul after getting the Units to do it. And boy oh boy is there a lot to go through. I will be keeping some of it a secret for your own eyes to explore

Starting with the security measures as you come through the front door. We have a small metal detector and baggage X-ray. That dino’s got some explaining to do.

To your right you have the resident Security guard Catsack. He takes his job seriously. So seriously in fact i had to give him a lil hat

From there we move swiftly on to the main hall, the centre of the whole condo, With the exclusive VIP lounge overhanging above. The WheelOfMoney Cat watches you, judges you.

To the kitchen we have the oh so professional Catsack Chef, and the ever stoic Catsack Gormet.

Moving swiftly down to the basement-

OH :cold_sweat:

Oh No. :cop:

clears throat Okay… Now back up to the ground floor we have the Indoor Pool area. From here the Second floor, The Gallery, and the Cinema are accessable

On the second floor is the VIP lounge, containing All things TU including some of my own artwork. Of which is also in the Gallery.

Backtracking to the pool will take you to a spiral staircase that will lead into the Grand Gallery. A collection of all decent* artwork i have ever created. I’ll be keeping the photos of which to a minimum, you really should come see it for the full experience. (*Note many of which are 1-2 years old now)

This handy Catsack employee safeguards the information pamphlet that holds any and all information regarding the Gallery

Following the Left path all the way will take you to the Gallery gift shop, With framed bite-size versions of some of the more popular gallery content for sale.

Following the Right side will take you to the Cinema, with such famous screenings such as: MGS3: Dog Eater

And that folks; concludes the tour of My Condo. Should you see it open for visitations do feel free to pop by :raising_hand:


This looks incredible. I love it, fantastic job!

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If I have access to the TU Uncle lounge, does that mean that I need to buy a seperate Season Pass for admission into the gallery, or is that included in my monthly TU subscription?


Should we just start calling him the Womcat? As in, W.O.M. Cat? Or does he already have a shorter name that Wheel Of Money Cat? We need a PixelTail historian in here. Somebody go get @Foohy, or maybe @Matt.

Also, this is so cool, it’s ice-cold.

alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright

I don’t even know anymore…

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Wheel of money cat or rather the W.o.P
As the cat is too much of a pussy to give out the good payments on the wheel.


Hey now, that’s not nice. And using someone’s genitals as an insult subtly says that there’s something wrong with having them.

Iz only joke, no need for nobody to take it personally.
I really hope Tower Unite is a pun safe enviornment otherwise Mac is going to be in trouble in his own game.


Riiiiiight… you are one of those people…

Can you not argue about social justice on my thread please? Thanks :frowning: there’s no need to defend some one who isn’t offended.


Yeh that attitude needs to be taken anywhere else but these forums.

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No one cares.

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Can you. Stop. Arguing. On. My. Thread


I care.


Seeing good examples of panel/wall buildings warms my heart and makes me question my building abilities ; _;


Would love to see an arial shot of your condo annotated with labels of where things are. <3

Thanks :raising_hand:

I’m working on a map, if that counts.
It’s not been easy :ok_woman:

yep! yep yep yep! i can help where possible just hmu in discord <3

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