Broken canvas crashes my condo


I pasted a link into a canvas and when it loaded, it gave me a fatal error.
Ever since then, every time I try to load the resort I crash.
I can play my other condos perfectly fine so it must be a problem with that one canvas loading in.

I’m considering selling all my canvases and then load back in, what’s the best approach here?


you could try disabling canvases, so that way it won’t load and you can remove the canvas that is causing you issues




I turned whitelist on but it didn’t work, is it possible to disable canvases for your own condo?


Sadly I don’t think you can, but you can try both clearing your canvas cache. Otherwise you might be screwed :confused:


Could try opening your condo save in a hex editor, search for the url to the broken image and replace one letter so it doesn’t load


I tried clearing my canvas cache and it didn’t help, I wound up just selling all my canvases and loaded back in and it worked. Thanks for suggestions though. I love you

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