Bring back Waterslide/Pool in a chance?

I would love to see the waterslide with pool being readded, and maybe make like a Pool minigame!
slide video

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To be honest, the slide and the pool were kinda boring and unnecessary. The rollercoaster is gonna be much better, even better with future VR support.


I don’t think VR is going be added.
Also it depends on how big the slides would be and what they think would be in the area

Yeah they’ve already made mention of no plans for VR as it would require modifying the entire engine or something to that effect.

The current VR situation is that most games either design around VR implementation or simply don’t have it. With TU, it has no use except in certain, specific scenarios. I think it was possible that certain VR activities would be implemented, but that would certainly be far in the future (if at all).

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I’d love to see the pool/waterslide return, it was a pretty fun little thing to do.


As long as the player can’t get Noclip Glitch* from the waterslides like in GMT, I’m sure this would be safe to add. Perhaps it could be located along the newly decorated beach somewhere.

*[spoiler]In GMT, getting into a pool tube while in the Ballrace Orb by moving the pool tube outside of the pool area will cause a number of glitches. You will control the Ballrace Orb and pool tube simultaneously. Killing yourself will respawn you at the Transit Station, except you can see from two different locations (one at the pool tube and the other where your actual position is) that you swap views between by looking straight up, however this caused considerable lag.

Finally, when in both the Ballrace Orb and pool tube, by losing and regaining connection to the server without disconnecting, you would be placed into the pool tube only, except now your view is disconnected from anything (perhaps because the view is supposed to follow the Ballrace Orb above the pool tube as usual, except now it isn’t there) and you can essentially Noclip anywhere. You can actually be put back into physical form by positioning yourself in a place where you would pop back into your Ballrace Orb. Noclipping into an area where the Ballrace Orb could not be used would put you back in the pool tube. It was impossible to noclip to the Condos, even when holding shift, because you would be teleported for being out of bounds for too long.[/spoiler]


I miss ramming my friends out of the water and blasting them around with the fireworks RPG



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Well i believe that too, However when i asked, They said it isn’t a priority and it wasn’t likely they will add it.

Why would they not add it if it’s one of the pitches on their Indiegogo page?

I don’t know. Ask them in discord.
Its a big job if they haven’t started from the start with it. Also they have to add the important features in first seeing they are a small team and not everyone has a VR headset.

I mean, I never once said they were gonna implement it now. Of course they have to get more important features done before VR is even added.

I browsed trough the forums and one developer said this "The water slide was moved due to the boardwalk expansion and the fact that they need a place to put the rollercoaster. According to old diagrams (who knows if they are still accurate) the slide should make a return behind the rollercoaster. I’m not quite sure what the current plan is now.

Old Diagram:"

ok nevermind

I guess you saw the stream question? I asked just to confirm it for ya about VR.
Sorry if you were hoping for it, I know i was :c

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What if it’s gonna be a really expensive condo item :open_mouth:

In Regards to VR and this is to everyone!

The team have stated either it wont be done or it will be done but it will take a while like a YEAR! VR although very popular, I only know a few people who actually own a VR headset who are in the TU Discord/Community.

In Regards to Waterslides

Yes, I would like to see it come back but the problem was with the Lobby 2 Waterslide was that no one used it, yes in the Beta people including me did but it acted alot like the pool in Lobby 1, people used the Pool in Lobby 1 when it was about to shut down or there was some event.