Bring back the Elevator Watch Function?

Bring back the Elevator Watch Function!

You could buy it at store and use it with a hotkey! It dont have to look down all the time to look how much the clock is…

You could just use a hotkey like Y or T or something to bring it up and put it down…

As i said only available at store! :smiley:
And it should show the local time in your country!

What if you haven’t got a mobile and do not have a clock in your room and do not want to close the game down (maybe it would crash).

Then this watch is for you! :smiley: Useful and not annoying when your using a hotkey instead of just looking down!

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I like the idea, but it serves no purpose since you could just look at the clock on the bottom right of your screen. :smile:

The ingame overlay still works fine, last I checked.

But I could see this being an optional bind seeing as they have wrist options in the Character Appearance screen. It would just have to discern between watches and anything else.

While I’m here, we need a WWJD wristband.

The clock isn’t visible in fullscreen, though.

Yes, you could use the steam overlay, but you could also just look at a clock outside of the game.
While not very useful, I think a watch would be a fun addition to the game.
I also think they would fit in well, as there are already clocks for condos.

Not to mention that wrist watches are a confirmed accessory.

I dunno, I think being able to glance down at your watch every once in a while would be immersive as heck, especially if it will correspond with whatever watch you’re actually wearing. I wouldn’t mind this.

somebody please make a Goldeneye watch for this


The 60 $ pledger watch will actually show the time. (and so will other watches, propably) :watch:

Dude if I’m wearing the rift and I look straight down, my watch should pop up automatically.

It’d be nice if you could do this with watches in-game. It’ll give my golden midas watch some use other than making the odd thing here and there turn gold for effect.


What an insightful response. Pray tell, why are you opposed to this idea?