Bring back the credits screen backer tier

I took a look at the kickstarter and saw the $10 backer tier that had the reward “Have your name on the Tower Unite credits screen in gold”, and it had 550 backers. I would recommend that this should be brought back and raised to $15. This is of course if you can still add tiers.

EDIT: The reason I am recommending this is because of the large number of the backers for it (550 for the single tier). If this won’t happen again, then I believe it could be a decent idea at bringing back a separate $10 rank that isn’t limited (so it would have to have other perks).

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I’m pretty sure they replaced it with the Backer Plaque. Instead of being on a Credits Screen which would probably never be seen because people will click on “Play Game”, it will be in game for everyone to see (seriously, who looks at the credits?). Anyone who backed the project will be on the Plaque. I personally like this better because you could say to your friend “See my name up there? I helped make this game!” I think this was a better idea and I hope they don’t change it.

Not to mention people may feel cheated if they end up switching a tier to be worse than it was.
Even if it automatically refunds people, many probably wouldn’t feel like pledging again.

and yeah, no one reads credits anyway.


Sadly, I doubt many people outside of the Tower community will be playing this game

Wait until it gets greenlit. Already you can read the comments on the greenlight page about everyone who “just found this game and zomg can’t wait”

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That’s for every greenlight project though, I just really don’t see many people outside our community picking up Tower Unite.

Why do you say that? I feel that GMT could’ve been a lot more popular if it was actually known about outside of GMod. I discovered it by accident. If TU is on steam, it’s entering a different market. Not to mention, there aren’t a whole lot of social / party games on steam. I know that there are a lot of extremely popular social games outside of steam. IMVU, Second Life, etc. I used to play one called vSide, which had over 20,000 active players at it’s height (and it wasn’t even a very successful game).

Being on steam is barely any coverage, there are thousands of games on steam.

True, however at least the game is discoverable. GMT could really only be found by GMod users.


Also, isn’t TU being on steam at all, greenlight or not, still outside of our community?

Well, a lot of TU players would have steam. I would be surprised if TU wasn’t green lit. I’ve seen some pathetic games pass. There is no way TU wouldn’t. I alone have gotten 5 people to help out. If everyone asks a few of their friends to help out, it could make a big difference (still though, I can’t see TU being denied).

Many many games that should NEVER be greenlit have been greenlit. If a good number of people are voting for a game, it is very likely to be accepted once a staff member sees it.