Bring back events from lobby 1!

bring back events from lobby 1. pls! they were so fun! especially the obama cutouts

I won’t really see the obama cutouts thing coming back. Unless we would do it with cutout canvases, what else would we use to have Obamas to get smashed?
Someone might bring this back as a worshop mod, but I can’t see this become a standard addition.

Foohy cutouts, silly.

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Mr. Sunabouzu cutouts, how 'bout that

I believe these are coming back.

yep worshop mob. It’s the opposite of workshop we pray to cutout figures.

Ha! I forgot about those. Utter madness!

Make your dream come true,

Use it as a canvas and cutout mode. :thumbsup: <3
Remember each obama were 1,500 GMC in the past.

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