Bring back donator rewards!

Okay, here me out here. Some people want to give back to the game, obviously. But, and I don’t mean to sound like an asshole here, but just buying the game again isn’t really a good motivation to get people to give you more money.

those special little items like speed shoes or a golden watch, that digital art book (which I really want xD) or even just that little title of “Backer” beside your name could REALLY make people want to give you guys some little bit of extra cash.

I just hope you’ll listen to me here, or at the very least, tell me why you won’t. Thank you devs, and thank you SO much for this legendary game!:ok_hand:

Donation rewards have another name: microtransations. The backer rewards were offered at a critical time where it was uncertain if TU would even have a chance at being made, but now that the game is up on Steam and generating revenue these incentives are no longer needed.


TU: the only game people ask for microtransactions to be added to


Pixeltail Games have said many many many times that there wouldn’t be any additional costs besides paying for the game. The fact that they’ve made that promise when getting the game kickstarted is kinda a big reason to not implement microtransactions.

Otherwise, donation rewards would create a divide between players. People already get jealous of backers with their rewards, and more exclusicivity amongst players wouldn’t really be a good thing. It’s a shame that we can’t get the bonuses anymore, but I’m happy with their reasons.

On the other hand, I’m sure a digital artbook could be sold separately at some point since it is pretty much merch :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to sound rude, but i don’t understand why Donators got exclusive items in the first place. If they are so against exclusivity, then there should be a way to obtain them in a different way.

I mean, people donated to GmodTower because they wanted to support their mod back in the days.

Hey, thanks for your interest in donating to us! The best way to help us out is through Steam sales. Gifting the game to friends or sharing it with friends who might enjoy the game helps a lot.

As for the backer items, those will always only be for those who backed us on our Indiegogo.

Unfortunately for them, it seems some exclusive rewards were a basic need in order to get crowdfunded in the first place. If they hadn’t given backers little items, the game may have never been released at all.

I am referencing the donator items, not the backer ones.

Granted, I find the speeding shoes being exclusive kinda lame, but atleast we are getting similar ones in the future.

To be fair, they took donations back when GMTower was free. Hey, they needed money somehow.

But wouldn’t a thank you be enough? I mean sure, they also helped out with the standalone concept, but those donations were mainly to support Gmod Tower.
The fact that you cannot even get these donator items anywhere else seems a little bit unfair, but since it would also be considered as microtransacting, I think it’s best to just deal with it.

Again, it’s just my opinion.

I see what you’re saying, but they don’t take donation anymore, and nothing is gonna change that, it seems.

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You’ve misunderstood the whole point of these items: they were given to people who obtained the “donor” status back in the day which required you to donate at least $15. You’d receive a bunch of items and benefits (just like with crowdfunding) which you’d keep forever.

Without these donations Tower Unite wouldn’t be possible just the same as without crowdfunding. Even though these items are exclusive, it’s just a bunch of virtual trinkets that don’t affect gameplay in any way. I didn’t get a chance to back the game and thus I don’t have the golden watch/speed shoes/name tag/etc which are arguably better than condo items but you don’t see me complaining.


Maybe Early Access rewards. :wink:

No thank you.