Brecerts Stuff. (Workshop)

Brecert’s Stuff.

If you would like any of the files for these creations, tell me. :smiley:
Feedback Appritiated!

1.(Way Too) Low Poly Sword

I made this while I was bored. Joke item in SDNL anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

2.Simple Tower Background

The Back of the picture is Transparent. I couldnt get the lighting/shading to look right, so It looks odd.

3.(W.I.P) Gem Charecter Model

4.(Not Started) Leaf Charecter Model

5.(Not Started) Paper Charecter Model

6.(Not Started) Hexagon Textures for floor.

More to come when I dont have work to do!

that looks awfully familiar…


There have been countless as you should know. Link.

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Nice looking sword. By the way, the word “Workshop” in the title appears to be missing an “s.”

Ah, thanks for telling me. :smiley:

Looks good for low poly :slight_smile: