Bowling Update (with guest appearance: Monorail!) (

Hey there, TUrkey gobblers, bowlers and enjoyers (unless you are vegetarian, then hey possible TUrnip eaters).

Major Changes

A new Plaza activity is ready for your enjoyment.

Bowling is a 4 player (per lane) game based on real 10-frame bowling. Bowling employs mouse gesture controls and has unlockable bowling balls.

The Monorail is now running! Take the scenic route to the boardwalk and board the monorail.

##New Water
We’ve added an improved water shader to both the Plaza and Condo. Please keep in mind that setting it to Turbo (Highest) quality will be demanding. We also added graphic settings to adjust the water quality performance.

Plaza Changes

  • Bowling is now playable
  • Monorail now works
  • New ocean shader for Plaza and Condo

New Unlockables!

  • Added 10 new Bowling related unlockable items that enhance your Bowling experience:
  • Chrome Bowling Ball
  • Fireball Bowling Ball
  • Skull Bowling Ball
  • Metallic Bowling Ball
  • Gold Bowling Ball
  • Earth Bowling Ball
  • Moon Bowling Ball
  • 8 Ball Bowling Ball
  • Golf Ball Bowling Ball
  • Plasma Bowling Ball


  • Canvas images cache in VRAM now rather than redownloading the same image everytime
  • Player colors/wearables now save on Steam Cloud
  • Tower Unite related game settings (not graphics or input) now save on Steam Cloud
  • Add ocean graphic settings: Potato (Lowest), Low, Medium, High, Turbo (Highest)
  • Added sounds to the Bubble Gun

Ball Race Changes

  • Fixed case where other players would sometimes jitter
  • Fixed Memories level 12 sometimes getting players stuck on the exit attractor

Minigolf Changes

  • Improved collisions on Emission

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed third person camera not working while using slot machines
  • Fixed CRT Monitor dynamic lights and collision
  • Fixed Golden Watch key binding not actually changing
  • Fixed Wheel of Money and Grand Quest notifying about spins/actions before the reels finish spinning
  • Fixed collision bounds in Bumper Cars Lobby and Subway Station
  • Fixed media player UI not drawing over top of chat messages
  • When buying items, the transaction UI will now handle transaction timeouts and not soft lock the game

Known Issues

  • Some objects may appear floating at the origin of the map such as monorail connectors, or bowling pins
  • Sometimes the bowling pins will appear to be missing from the lanes. This is a networking issue, the pins will appear once you bowl
  • After playing a round of Bowling, the mouse cursor may not appear in menus. Pressing Q for a moment to view your inventory should fix this
  • After playing a round of Bowling, the camera may appear in the center of the player model and then a couple seconds later adjust it’s height to the correct position

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.



thanks dude

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Thanks to the whole team for this update, I love it! Bowling is neat and the monorail is neat and the new water is rad and the Emission fixes were very needed and Im glad that happened and good update thanks


Niko, it’s Roman. Let’s go bowling!


oh boi
lets do this

Not really a fan of bowling or the monorail (too boring IMO), but


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