Bowling Minigames/Game Type Mutators?

What I mean is, for example, you know how in Wii Sports’s Bowling minigame you can choose to add things like Obstacles? Or maybe increase the number of pins? I feel like adding more options to make it less linear would make the replayability of bowling and just generally the enjoyment while playing it much better. It would be fun to set up your aim and try and spin around a random block on the lane, or maybe have to knock down two pins on the lane before you knock down the rest. Would make the game harder, which is what I think the game definitely needs.

(Oh, and, bonus, maybe add some weight to the pins? They feel really light right now as if the ball hits them, 9/10 times they go flying, and this isn’t the case at all in real life. Might make hitting the pins both harder and more realistic.)

yes please

Mutators don’t cover plaza games the last i checked. Did something change?

So far, mutators have only been confirmed to cover gameworlds. Plaza games are not confirmed to be covered by mutators, so suggesting mutators for bowling is perfectly reasonable.