"Book Object" - Object to call in .pdf files

Hi all!

Realllly loving this game! I have Customized my in-game condo like crazy and have found just about anything is possible! It’s SO Much FUN!

Throughout my condo design process, I came across an opportunity I think could make the in-game condo customization options EVEN MORE malleable!

What if there was a way to offer players something like a “Book Object” that could call in a .pdf file to fill in its “pages”?

Being able to open the book and flip through the pages in-game would allow for SO MUCH more immersion and interaction!

From manuals to how-to’s or even photo albums and customized story books; this core component could help add even more depth to the game and more interaction and personality to environments!

I know others have requested basic customization (i.e. wanting to customize only the covers of books using either the DVD object or wanting to simply write in information using the notebook option)

This would be slightly more evolved - where we could choose to call an image (.jpg or .png) for the cover and then choose to call the content for the pages (.pdf)

Let me know what you think and help me get this Voted UP for the Devs to see!

I think everyone would get really creative with such a digital treasure chest of opportunity~!

There is a notebook in which you can write stuff in it. People use it quite a bit in their condos.

The notebook is really limited. You can’t include pictures, and the there’s a text limit. Also the model doesn’t lend itself to things like libraries. I suggested something similar:

This is also an interesting thread from way back: