Book Animation for your Playermodel

What if you open up the Collection book and your playermodel takes out a book and starts reading it, with you pointing the finger on the paper and reading slowly like “hmm, hmm yes, ver good,”

Sort of like the Contracker looking animation when you open it up:

best example image i could get

or different variations.

Also while switching of pages of different categories/games, it’ll flip a paper, although that sounds complex, and there must be a page flip sound for moist, either a sound for you reading and the same sound being heard from my player.

I Remember someone suggesting this ages ago and im sad it isn’t a thing, defiantly would be cool to add
(maybe like a book icon above their head aswell?)

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hmm yes ver good

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I would really love this.


This is a nice touch. It’s the little things like this that I love.


Its small details like this that make a game even better