Bonus round suggestion for newton's apples, 250 tickets for hitting 45+ instead of 50

i think i did suggest this once, but this game hasn’t been much on attracting players.

so i think here are the suggestions:

whenever you get 40 or above apples hit in a certain time, you get a bonus round.
instead of 50 apples, if you get 45+ or 50 apples, you win 250 or 500 tickets respectively and a bonus round. you may keep playing until you fail.

that could help, since i did not think that game right now is great. :thinking:

I agree, Newton’s Apples is probably the weakest game in the Arcade. It’s difficult to complete and the reward isn’t even worth it (outside getting the achievement), a bonus round could help it.
Maybe if the wheel rotated in different directions during the Bonus round, it could add some interesting challenge.

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not to mention, the game should be continuous until you fail in a round of not hitting 40+ apples. something like stack’em.

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The only way I was able to even get the achievement was binding jump to the scroll wheel and getting very comfortable two-handing my mouse

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even Wheely rigged is no exception, but Newton’s apples should be settled first.

even the ice cave and the offering is receiving the buff rip