Bone Zone 2018 Unofficial Bru Ray


Alright here’s the unofficial Bru Ray for The Bone Zone 2018!
It’s unofficial because it is subject to change in the near future.

Made with


s t r e t ch


Just you wait till I get home. I’ll blow this cover outta the water lol

(But still nice job)


it’s not a competition bud, you’re really narcissistic and sure it’s not the best, it could be better but i think it’s nice he made it in the first place


Note the “unofficial” in the title.


I think it looks great :slight_smile: Awesome work as always Agent.
It really inspires me to get my butt in gear and get around to finally making the real one.


i’ll annihilate anything you got in store and i dont even need to get home to do so


It was a joke but ok sure yeah let’s go with that.


it really doesn’t look like one, it just looks quite rude