Boardwalk Attraction Ideas!

I have many different ideas for boardwalk attractions. One attraction that would be the easy to make come true would be a basketball court! I hope you to think a basketball court would be a great small addition to Tower Unite because I sure do!!! :smiley:

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Beach volleyball would be cool too. Just wanted to throw my idea onto the table.


@Radek That’s a really good idea!

yeah great idea!

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That sounds awesome! Great idea :slight_smile:

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@SirParadox Thx! :blush:

@TheHackingFox No Problemo :3

…Roller Coasters and theme park? I saw the idea somewhere… perhaps one of the fundraising goals.

A few attraction ideas for the boardwalk…

  1. Shooting Gallery
  2. Merry-Go-Round
  3. Bumper Cars
  4. Drop Tower
  5. Water Coasters

I thought getting your own Broadwalk Attractions made was an IndieGoGo Perk.

Massive bump here.

Also, bumper cars is already confirmed, if you’ve been keeping up with the campaign lately.

And we already kinda have water coasters.

They are, but at this rate I figure the devs will have to complete their own ideas for the boardwalk!

bro that a theme park . :wink:

so you wanted a Coney Island Park New York version correct ?